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* FarInFrared Body Wrap-$15 

* Lash Tint-$15

* Microderm Facial-$50 (50 min) 

* Chemical or Enzyme Peel-$60 (30 min) 

* Full Body Scrub+Body Butter Treatment-$60 (50 min)

* Microderm Facial+LED+MicroCurrent-$70 (60-70 minutes)



Silver Member - $52 / mth

Gold Member - $62 / mth


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Skin Chic Spa Offers Medical Aesthetic Treatments Performed by a Licensed / Insured Medical Professional

Injectables, Medical Peels, Laser & More!

First 20 units = $12/unit
All Units There After = $10/unit
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Advanced Facials


Diamonds Baby! Microdermabrasion

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion treatment is an advanced treatment increasing cell turnover, improving texture, circulation & hydration, boosting the skin to have an instant overall more youthful glow. Microdermabrasion reduces the appearance of fine lines, superficial acne scars, sun damage & is proven beneficial for reducing Hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores & aid in the treatment of acne. You may choose to add-on treatment of the decollete for $10. For always healthy & fabulous skin, treatments should be every 3-4 weeks.                                                                            
50-60 Minute Treatment........$100

25-30 Minute Core Treatment........$80

Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating Facial Treatment

The Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating Treatment is a very powerful polishing enzyme skin peel exfoliating facial.  Pumpkin contains many exfoliating properties as-well as nutrients for the skin.  This skin care treatment is perfect for skin that is not sensitive.  Oilier skin can usually use the Mask II which contains 12% glycolic. This light enzyme skin peel will not leave the skin flaking. This treatment is fabulous for Acne correction, Excessive Oil, Hyperpigmemtation & Superficial Wrinkle Softening. The added shoulder & neck massage will relax & rejuvante your overall well being.

50 Minute Treatment........$90 

LED Photo Rejuvenation

This Noninvasive treatment will reach the deepest layers of the skin creating chemical changes by ue of Light Spectrum Therapy. Excellent therapy for Acne, Activating Fibroblasts to produce Collagen, Elastin Strengthening, Evening Skin Tone, Calming & Soothing, ReHydrating & More! For even the most sensitive skin types including Rosacea.

60 Minute Treatment........$80 or add on to any facial for $25

For ultimate LED penatration add onto Microderm

Microcurrent Instant Lift

This State of the Art Microcurrent Treatment Energizes Muscle tone for a Noninvasive lift & tightening of Sluggish Skin.

50 Minute Treatment........$85 or add onto any facial for $25

The Chic Lift
After this treatment you can be sure everyone will be talking "Who did her face...?" This SkinChic' Exclusive is the Ultimate non-invasive topical lifting & firming treatment on the market! Proteins & enzymes stimulate, lift & tone for a skin tightening effect you will really feel. This is a fantastic treatment just before a special occasion or just because your face needs a pick me up. Share a series of 6 with only your dearest friend & your secret is safe with us! Optimal lifting requires a series of 3 treatments within 10 days.
30-40 Minute Treatment........$65........Series of 3 $185

Supersonic Collagen Beauty
Ultrasound facial technology PLUS Diamond Microdermabrasion increases skin metabolism, stimulates cellular regeneration & prompts skin repair. With Supersonic & Nami functions, oscillation can reach up to 3-7 cm deep into the skin. The temperature of deep skin rises and accelerates the microcirculation process which helps to raise the active metabolism of skin cells while our professional grade Collagen ampoule is penetrated deeply into the skin. This is a must for anti-wrinkle treatment. Noticeably more youthful skin after 3 treatments within 6 weeks.
70 Minute Treatment........$140

The Perfect Peel
After determining the needs of your skin you will receive The Perfect Peel! Salicylic & Malic acids with antiseptic properties may be used for oily or acne prone skin to dissolve excess oil build up, reduce inflammation & deeply exfoliate. Glycolic & Lactic acids may be used for mature or sensitive skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, stimulate new healthy skin cell production, and a deep exfoliation. This treatment is a MUST for corrective Acne therapy, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damaged & Mature skin. Power Pumpkin, TCA(7%/2%) & Moddified Jessner, Skin Bright & Glycolic 40% with Stem Cells & More! Please note: one facial treatment required before any peel a patch test will be administered for client safety.
35 Minute Treatment........$90

Super Chic Peel
A series of in-spa chemical peels (min of 2) is required before the Super Chic' Peel. This 2-in-1 peeling approach combines Microdermabrasion immediately followed by one of our chemical peels. This more aggressive process encourages cellular renewal, boosts collagen & supplies inner nourishment for healthy, radiant skin.
60 Minute Treatment........$135



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